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Учитель английского языка/English Teacher

5 и более человек
подработка для студентов

Работодатель: ОсОО "English Zone" (0 вакансий)

ул. Исанова 42/1

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English Zone is looking for moderators!
English Zone is one of the oldest and unique English language schools in Kyrgyzstan, working with children and adults. Crossing the threshold of school, you find yourself in the world of English! :)


Specific traits:

Team player/Goal oriented
Communicative/Open minded
Creative/Easy going
Presentation and training skills
Languages: English – fluent
Computer skills: Office applications


Moderating classes at EZ Branch with the primary objective of following the English Zone mission of helping people realize their potential through English language. Sustaining the EZ spirit and ensuring the EZ schools achieve its objectives through providing high level service for the students and creating a favorable condition for learning.

Conduct classes (up to 5 groups) according to the academic guidelines of the EZ
Provide high-quality academic services to all students and strive to improve their English and potential
Regularly assess the group performance and do the utmost best to ensure the students are excelling
Assess students as per EZ requirements and upgrade their groups when necessary and inform Branch Managers
Create and propose new academic techniques and tools together with the Academics and Training Department in order to improve the educational content of the EZ
Participate in developing and implementing of activities/events directed at improvement of the services provided at EZ

Условия работы:

Contract is valid for a period of 6 months to 1 year.
Work Schedule: Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 9:20 pm.

What from us:
Learning with truly experienced moderators;
For 5 days of internship, we will teach you everything that we know ourselves :)
Payments twice a month, without any “Soon, wait”;
Working in an international team;
Work in a cozy office with free Wi-Fi and coffee, where, in addition to work, you can study and spend time with benefit;
Career growth, in which the salary can reach 27,000 KGS!

Get into our friendly team! Text us WhatsApp
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