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Адрес работы: Чуй 121

TOEFL preparation teachers / Bilingual educators

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Работодатель: ERUDITE - ISIT (14 вакансий)

Чуй 121

With the opening of a new building ISIT - ERUDITE invites teachers with good expert competencies, work experience (or potential) with different school ages.


Required language proficiency:
• for teaching assistants: Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
• for bilingual and basic educators: Advanced and more
• for native speakers and teachers of preparations for the
international exams: Proficiency
• Higher professional pedagogical education or higher professional education in the field corresponding to the taught subject;
• Knowledge and ability to implement the world's best and innovative practices and techniques in the classroom;
• Substantive knowledge of subject area and the ability to apply it to achieve a result;
• Desire and ability to work with different school ages
• Preparing students for international examinations as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, KET, PET, FCE;
• Work experience of at least five years in educational institutions;
• Willingness to learn and develop professionally;
• Ability to develop an interest and eagerness in the lesson and motivate students;
• Work consistency, coherence and implementation;
Considered as an advantage:
• Experience in creating authoring curriculum (or other methodological developments) in their academic subject in accordance with the provisions of the Concept and the Educational Model.
We offer:
• Greater opportunities for pedagogical self-realization;
• A team of professionals constantly working to improve the quality of education;
• Competitive salary (determined based on experience / skills / results and readiness for high dedication
• Constant professional development at the expense of the employer


• High-quality class management, taking into account the individual selection of tasks both in the lesson and homework / self-preparation (children of different levels)
• Preparing students for exams, olympiads and competitions of different levels;
• Organization of educational, project, research, individual educational activities in their academic subject, including in the formats of additional education;
• Organization of independent work of students based on the search for solutions, analysis and conclusions;
• Students’ self-evaluation and control establishment within the framework of their academic subject;
• Participation in the analysis of educational, methodological and educational work at the School in the profile of its subject and in the development of proposals to improve its effectiveness and quality;
• Didactic material development;
• Participation in the activities of the pedagogical and other councils of the school, as well as in the activities of methodological departments and other forms of methodological work.
• Regular maintenance of a student development records
• Development and implementation of curricula in their own subject and cross-disciplinary courses with teachers from other subject areas.

Условия работы:

Thank you for your interest in our school!
The CV will be reviewed within a week from the date of its receipt. If your work experience and wishes meet the requirements and capabilities of our school, a HR- specialist will contact you at stated contacts.
The response absence within the above period means that, unfortunately, we cannot offer this vacancy at this time. In this case, your CV will be saved in the ISIT database in order to offer a job that matches your qualifications in the future.
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