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Work-based learning and teacher training expert

Работодатель: Promotank (0 вакансий)

St. Abay 21

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The ADB project "Skills for Inclusive Growth Sector Development Program" announces the opening of the vacancy of a work-based learning and teacher training expert.


- Master’s degree in Education, Education Administration, Human Capital, Organizational Development, or a related field is preferred;
- in-depth knowledge of Kyrgyzstani education sector;
- 5 years of experience designing, developing, and leading teacher training activities and professional development;
- demonstrated expertise in teacher development programs, improving learning environment, curriculum development, and/or development of education policies;
- ability to communicate professionally and provide written reporting in English and Russian.


● Conduct ToT teacher trainings, peer-learning exchange, and ToT coaching;
● Review progress of the implementation of the TVET Teacher’s Qualifications Framework (TTQF) developed under the Second Vocational Education and Skills Development Project and identify areas that should be further strengthened or adjusted to ensure that it could effectively serve as a reference for the design and implementation of in-service teacher development programs under the project;
● Assist MOES and AVE to take the necessary actions including amendments of rules and regulations, if necessary, in order to establish and roll-out a quality assured WBL system including a standardized structure for WBL training curricula;
● Collaborate closely with industry partnership experts to provide enough WBL opportunities for all students of CoE priority occupations;
● Assist MOES and AVE to develop a comprehensive plan and strategy to implement the provisions in the Education Development Strategy for 2012-2020 and beyond with respect to the need to improve the quality of teaching in the PVET and SVET system as well as criteria for teacher assessment in order to achieve the targets set in the Strategy;
● Analyze pedagogic colleges and their pre-service training for PVET (e.g. technical training needs, WBL, student centered teaching, etc.);
● Analyze the provisions in the TTQF with respect to qualifications of technical teachers to teach in lyceums and colleges, collect data from available sources to identify the number of in-service teachers whose qualifications do not meet the requirements and, hence, need further training or retraining to help them upgrade their qualifications to meet the TTQF standards (with a focus on but not limited to CoEs);
● Assist MOES and AVE to develop a long term plan, strategy, and timeline as well as resources required to upgrade the skills and knowledge identified by the teachers and to improve their qualifications in line with the targets set under the project;
● Assist in the establishment/appointment of an expert working group (EWG), prepare its Terms of Reference, working arrangements and schedules, and serve as a coordinator among the EWG, MOES, AVE, and the PIU to ensure good cooperation among the stakeholders;
● Asses the outputs, outcome, and benefits of the interventions to improve the quality of pre-service and in-service programs for TVET teachers undertaken under the project and recommend follow up actions to ensure impact and sustainability of the programs after project completion;
● Perform other duties, functions, and tasks as may be requested by the Team Leader, PIU manager, and the Project Director.

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If you are interested, please send your CV in English to promotank@marketing.kg
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