Hotel "Bridges"

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New designed 4 * hotel "Bridges" offers high-class service for its guests.

The hotel rooms are stylized in different cities of the world "Paris", "Lodon", "New York", etc. No room is repeated and has designed (author's) furniture.

Our hotel - serves as a bridge between our country and the whole world, connecting different continents and people with the traditions of hospitality of our people.

In the courtyard of the hotel there is a National Yurt, where national dishes are served. It is visually prepared for "tash mangal", tea on a samovar, boorsoks with sour cream, etc.

The hotel is fully accessible and adapted for guests with disabilities.

It is also the first "eco friendly" hotel in the Kyrgyz Republic, where all hot water is generated from solar energy through solar panels installed on the roof of the hotel.

The hotel is located within walking distance from the main business objects of Bishkek, our location is very convenient for transfers to the airport.

We believe that Kyrgyzstan can become an international hub of Eurasia.

Hotel "Bridges" is our contribution in building a client oriented oasis in Central Asia.
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    Hotel "Bridges"

    В отель "Bridges" требуется сотрудник в ресторан.

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    Hotel "Bridges"

    В отель Bridges требуется сотрудник в отдел размещения.

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