Chaarat Zaav CJSC

Chaarat Zaav CJSC


Chaarat Zaav is an exploration and development company operating in the Kyrgyz Republic with a large, high grade resource – the Chaarat Gold Project. The Company’s key objective is to become a low cost gold producer generating significant production from the development of the Chaarat Gold Project. Chaarat is engaged in an active community engagement programme to optimise the value of the Chaarat investment proposition.
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    Head of in-house legal department

    Chaarat Zaav CJSC

    Chaarat Zaav CJSC is seeking strong candidates to head its in-house legal department. Chaarat Zaav CJSC plan to complete the process of preparation for construction and commence the construction within the next 12 months. The role will involve assisting the senior management is various aspects of legal work including compliance, labour, land, permits, tax contract preparation etc. the head of the legal department will be expected to implement and oversee a process ensuring that all requiring legal compliance are handled properly. The role will likewise include supervision of work outsourced to local and possibly foreign law firms. The successful candidate will be able to create an inspiring environment of excellence and reliability You will be flexible and proactive, and will need…

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