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Junior Project Manager

Работодатель: Sibers (4 вакансии)


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At Sibers, Project Manager is a person drastically shaping the project’s success. It is he who figures out technological and business requirements of the customer, competently sets up corresponding tasks for developers and monitors their exact and timely performance. To keep up with the customers and colleagues, the manager must be flexible and sociable. At the same time he should be good at technologies in order to be able to answer any clients’ questions, evaluate the time allocated for development and deal with developers on technical issues.

The manager’s duties involve interpreting the client’s requests for functionality and the product design in terms of technological guidelines that the developers are supposed to follow.
Our PMs daily communicate with clients via email, IMs and phone, regularly consult technical analysts and team leaders on different technologies. The manager is also responsible for reporting to the client on the daily progress.

Sibers steady growth requiring more experts, we invite a responsible person possessing highly developed communication skills and a great leadership potential. We expect some experience in major programming technologies and development along with a perfect command of oral, written and technical English.


- To have perfect English skills;
- To have technical background;
- To be open-minded and optimistic;
- To be at a very beginning of the career.


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