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Network Support Engineer

Работодатель: Platforma Networks (0 вакансий)

Пр. Мира 97/1

Platforma Networks is looking for candidates interested in being a part of a rapidly growing international team offering remote and on-site network design, implementation and support services to our enterprise customers in Africa, Central Asia and Middle East regions. Several positions are offered - from Senior Network Engineer to Support Engineer Assistant.


Successful candidates must have the following minimum qualifications:
- Strong understanding of networking - TCP/IP, routing, VLANs and most common network services - NAT, DHCP, etc.;
- Strong understanding of networks based on Ethernet, WiFi and fiber-optics media;
- Understanding of VoIP concept;
- Experience working with most common network equipment vendors, such as Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquity;
- Good understanding of Windows and Unix-based operating systems;
- Strong written and spoken English;


General duties and responsibilities include:
- Daily communication with customers;
- Remote and on-site support of TCP/IP networks;
- Configuration of network equipment and services;
- Service desk;
- Troubleshooting and reporting.

Условия работы:

Non-standard working schedule. Formal employment in accordance with the Labour Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. Salary will vary depending on the candidate's qualifications and position filled.
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