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IMPORTANT: English CV only, Russian CV will not be considered


1.Bachelor degree or above in HR management, Management or other related courses;
2.5+ years above in HR, general HR experience will be preferred;
3.Good ability in learning, communication, organization and coordination
4.Good teamwork spirit;
5.Proficiency in reading, speaking, writing, and listening in English;


Provide business-oriented HR solutions
1.Understand business requirements and convert them into HR requirements
2.Generate solutions by leveraging the experiences of subject matter experts
3.Provide consultation services and support the specific field to help business personnel execute strategies
4.Deliver solutions to ensure that expected business results are achieved
Deploy HR processes
1.Deploy HR processes to support the management in decision-making.
2.Implement HR policies in business departments based on existing business knowledge
3.Complete the specific tasks involved in business planning (BP) on behalf of HR, and transfer business departments' requirements to HR departments

Условия работы:

Office in a center of the City
в избранное
Поиск работы №1 в Бишкеке
и Кыргызстане

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