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Service solution manager

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IMPORTANT: English CV only, Russian CV will not be considered


Minimum 2 years of sales experience in telecommunication area (Professional services experience are most preferable)
Familiar with telecommunication equipments both mobile and fix networks
English language proficiency
Knowledge of Chinese is welcomed


Act as the primary owner for building customer relationships with mid-high level customer of the service organization; build and maintain customer relationships, manage the customer expectation and improve the customer perception.
Provide customers with comprehensive professional service solutions; take responsibility for the competitiveness, deliverability, and profitability of such solutions and their prices, ensure contract quality and process compliance for service sales
Analyze the professional service market including space analysis, opportunity analysis; implement the strategies of professional service development and sales.
Take the responsibility for achieving the overall sales goals under his responsibility in term of order, revenue, market goals and profits for professional services.
Independently gain insight into customer, develop solution, conduct network design, bidding and quotation for multiple product domains. Collect and analyze competitor`s information.

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office in a center of the City
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