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Адрес работы: Bishkek

Help desk officer

Работодатель: ОсОО OpenCBS (0 вакансий)

OpenCBS is looking for qualified Help Desk officer who will

- Setup support processes to address company’s needs in an efficient and traceable way;
- Act as focal point to all company’s customers under support contract and coordinate with other teams (mostly development team leader);
- Coordinate together with the QA officer to ensure in good quality of deliverable.
- Participate in documentation effort for customers.


- Solid communication skills in Russian and English (both in written and talking);
- Knowledge of SQL language (SQL Server);
- Experience in support or testing software and of relating frameworks and tools;
- Organized and accurate;
- Experience in documenting software;
- Understanding of microfinance sphere (preferred).


• Setup support processes
- Along with COO, come up with processes for client support and help refine SLAs to ensure all cases are covered;
- Ensure that existing tools are useful enough and, if not, work with other teams to identify proper tools (ie, helpdesk management systems).

• Focal point to all customers
- Receive all support requests through agreed channels (helpdesk system) and work with other teams to identify who is responsible to handle those cases;
- Ensure communication with customers to inform them about status of their issues under support and help customer deploy fixes on their environment (including direct installation of fixes and documentation relating to their effects).

• Quality assurance of the software
- Along with CTO, develop a quality assurance strategy for both core software and customer-relating pieces of code;
- Participate in writing automated tests and also actually performing manual tests on developments and fixes.

Условия работы:


Work according Labor Codex of Kyrgyz Republic;
- 28 days of paid leave per year;
- 5 working days in a week – Mon-Fri, 9.00-18.00.
- 40 hours per week

Salary: As per candidate experience;
Contact: hr@opencbs.com, Topic of mail: HelpDesk
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