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Project Сoordinator


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Project Сoordinator's key responsibility is to bring the idea into realization in a given timeframe and with the help of resources on hand.

On the other hand, it can be further detalized to the degree of satisfying the needs of a customer and project, and upper management and the employing company. Furthermore, a good project manager strives for every team member to succeed.

Thus, there are two levels of goals to be set by a project manager, strategic and tactical.


1. Good level of English knowledge (advanced)
2. Business Communication skills
3. Negotiation
4. Risk management
5. Planning skills
6. Stress management within a team

Expected skills:

* Enterprise work experience for at least 1 year;
* Understanding of core business principles;
* Knowledge of Jira Issue Tracker;
* Business case writing;
* Critical thinking;
* Development of project plans;
* Setting up deadlines;
* Team management (disbursement across departments);
* Standardization of work processes in a team;
* Product breakdown into components;
* Determination of task priorities;
* Overall project monitoring and evaluation;
* Team motivation;
* Balancing workload between the team;
* Ensuring transparent communication environment between the parties involved;
* Determining the needs and wants of the project;
* New team members interviewing.


From the position, a person is expected to be responsible and wholly dedicated to a project. Ideally, a good candidate will have a good grasp of knowledge in management.

Two important parts of the responsibilities are task management and quality check performed during the life of a task.

Условия работы:

Work in a modern office.
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