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Botanist - wild plant seeds collector

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Братислава, Словакия

KPR - Gardeners Club, division Seed bank, is currently looking for a Botanist - wild plant seeds collector for our Seeds Conservation Program. The aim of this project is to make a seed collection of wild plants species.


Job Requirements
- Education in fields such as Botany, Forestry or other closely related fields
- Extensive background knowledge in local wild plant species
- Excellent ability to identify wild plant species


Each botanist - wild plant seeds collector shall collect seed samples of wild plants in his area (e.g. home region). Processing seed samples for export to our Seed bank. All seed samples must be labeled by correct Latin name and place of collection. List of seed samples incl. place of collection shall be provided in the XLS file.

Условия работы:

How To Apply

We invite all candidates meeting the required qualifications to submit applications including a cover letter and detailed CV through http://www.kpr.eu/en/botanist/ , clearly indicating the position title "Botanist". Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Women are highly encouraged to apply.
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